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Welcome to our SHARE HOUSE !
Whether you are Studying in Japan, on a Working Holiday, on a Sightseeing, or here on Business, there is a perfect SHARE HOUSE for you !
Let's enjoy your stay in Osaka Japan !

About us / Share House Osaka Japan

Our company is managing the share house (guest house) called "ONE WORLD" for foreigners.In order to live in Japan comfortably,it is a system which can be rented at a reasonable house rent by sharing the room with a roommate.
"ONE WORLD" is divided into a private room and community spaces (kitchen,toilet,bath,livingroom,etc.).
Moreover,since furniture and a household appliance are also installed from the beginning,living from the rented day is possible !

Our company develops and offers the share house only a Foreigner so that the Foreigners increasing in number can live in Japan reasonably and comfortably.

Unlike general rental housing,"ONE WORLD" does not require front-end payment.
Moreover,monthly cost can also be reduced and it excels in cost performance very much.
Furthermore,even if compared with the share house of the other company,a setup of a house rent is very profitable at a low price !



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