Is there anything I should bring to your store?

No, you do not need to bring anything. The things that you need to wear with yukata such as the undergarments, socks and sandals, etc. are included in our plans. However, men have to bring with you just a white thin T-shirt with a wide neckline. We will dress kimono on it.

Can I book a kimono in advance?

Yes, you can! Please select a yukata that you’d like to wear by submit form on our web page.

How about booking cancellation?

If you inform us about the cancellation 2 days before booked date, no cancellation fee will be charged. Less than 2 days when you update us, fee for cancellation is 100%. Please note it!

Do you have kimonos for tall people?

Yukatas and Kimonos can fit people who are smaller or bigger in size. However, we may cancel the rental if dressing phase is too difficult. Please consult with us when you reserve. Our yukatas are designed for women with an average height of 150cm-170cm and men from 175cm to 185cm height.

How long does it take for dressing?

Usually, it takes about 30 minutes/1 hour.

Can I select obi and kimono accessories?

No. Our staff will select obi and Kimono accessories that fit your selection.

Can I ask you to have my hair set?

The simple hair style is free of charge. If hair style doesn`t satisfy you, you can ask to have a different hair set.

Can you set my hair, even if my they are short?

Yes, we can! Even if hair is short, we can set your hair with Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin).