出入国在留管理庁 登録支援機関(19登-001584)
Immigration Bureau of Japan
Registered Support ORGANIZATION

 A New Status of Residence Specified Skilled Worker has been created 

The New Status of Residence is aimed at addressing the serious labor shortage in Japan by accepting experienced foreign human resources with specific expertise and skills.

 The Acceptance of and Coexistence with Foreign Human Resources

The Government of Japan determined the Basic Policy and Field-Specific Operation Policies on Operation of the system of the new Status of Residence “Specified Skilled Worker” to be introduced in April 2019 by the Cabinet Decision based on the amended Immigration Control Act. It also decided Comprehensive Measures for the Acceptance and Coexistence of Foreign Workers residing in Japan.

The Government of Japan takes initiative in improving the infrastructure, such as the provision of multilingual information by public institutions and the infrastructure of daily life in order to welcome the rapidly increasing number of foreigners as “residents” in Japan. 

This is a status of residence applicable to foreigners who work in jobs that require considerable knowledge of or experience in Specified Industry Fields
Period of Stay
Renewed annually, every 6 months or every 4 months, for a maximum stay up to 5 years in total
Skill Standards
Confirmed by exams (those who have completed Technical Intern Training (ii) are exempt from the exam)
Japanese Language Level
Proficiency in Japanese language used in daily life and at the workplace confirmed by tests to measure it (those who have completed the Technical Intern Training (ii) are exempt from the tests)
Accompaniment by Family Members
Basically not permitted.
Support by Accepting Organizations or REGISTRED SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS
* Specified Skilled Worker Ⅱ is a status of residence for foreigners engaged in jobs that require proficient skills in Specified Industry Fields.
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