We are so happy you are here! We founded GLOBAL CONNECTION INC. because we wanted to create a trustworthy and helpful place to you to find everything you need during your stay in Osaka.
We can find a share house, or a guest house that fits your needs best, whatever your purpose in Osaka may be:
- Studying, Working Holiday, Sightseeing, or Business -
Welcome to Osaka Share Accommodations and enjoy your stay!


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About us

GLOBAL CONNECTION INC. goes beyond cross-country differences, whatever they may be. Our purpose is to create an international exchange platform of services for foreigners as a bridge of encounter of people around the world, in order to consolidate cross-border friendly relations and to contribute at Worldwide Peace.

JAPAN is nature beauty, economy wealth, technology power, depth of culture and warm hearted people. We hope that our guests learn about our country as much as possible, spreading it around the world than.

It's come the time to change real estate concept and evolve living environment in Japan. We want our guests have the most comfortable stay as possible and share accommodation are the key for reach this goal increasing also the profitability of properties.


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