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See what`s inside the share house! 

Take a glimpse to our Share House. 

Enjoy watching what's inside and feel the  real ambiance of how the residents lives in together.
They may have different purpose to live in Japan but one thing is for sure,
they are surely winning the companionship we have in our community!
That is, indeed the advantage of living in a shared house.
Fulfilling their goals and purposes and learning while having fun with different nationalities
is the real magic why our residents stays longer with us.

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Tough times, economic breakdown and global pandemic.
In this trying times, we should have one desire
to fight and winagainst N-CoViD19.
Let us remain firm and steadfast amidst today's situation and keep on praying that this world will be healed soon.
We are all in this together!

Play of colours; comfy designed room

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Perfect for couple, regardless of races and nationalities.
Our newly built shared rooms, bright and cozy place to stay after a tiring day from work.
It's like a luxury room intended to the highest standard of furniture and interior design.
Spacious room with two closet, dresser, dining table and chairs, double sized bed, air condition and heating system and personal refrigerator.

Exchange meeting between government, companies and academies

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13th Industry- Government- Academia Collaboration Network for Human Resources Utilization
happened before 2019 ends. Global Connection Inc. joined the said event in My Dome Osaka.

It was a global talent exchange between hundreds of private companies, government and academies. It was indeed a meaningful exchange event. We met Consulate and high profile representatives came from Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan.

The exchange meeting aimed to establish a platform where foreign students can play an active role, networking support for foreign students and industry-government-academia networking. Specifically, overseas development, inbound tourism business, companies that are interested in global human resources
and international students were gathered.

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